bdbo extended meeting on 10 April 2015: Proceedings & Resolution

On 10 April 2015, Friday an extended meeting of bdbo has took place at Biggan Chetona Porishad Office at Shahbag. Following key persons along with the others were present in the meeting:

Professor Md. Shahidur Rashid Bhyuan
Pro Vice Chancellor, Sher A Bangla Agricultural University 

Morirul Islam

Associate Professor, NITOR

Professor Rakhahari Sarkar

Professor, Department of Botany, University of Dhaka

Imdadul Haque Khan

Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy, Northern University

Saumitra Chakravarty

Resident, Department of Pathology, BSMMU

Anik Samiur Rahman

Officer, Bulk Production, Incepta Vaccine Ltd.

Md. Tarik Rahman

Software Engineer

Anniruddha Pramanik


Rafiqul Islam

MS, Sher A Bangla Agricultural University

Following enzymes were also present:

Sharmi, Orchi, Sami, Noman, Sumaiya, Puja, Kaniz, Sohag, Rabbani, Raj, Razib.

Meeting was held on following agendas:

1. Program evaluation.

2. New committee formation

3. Sponsor

4. Sending advisor to IBO 2015 (Aarhas, Denmark, 1219 July 2015)

5. Taking a permanent office for bdbo

6. Issuing Trade license / Govt. registration of bdbo etc.

7. Opening organizational bank account of bdbo

8. Opening Bkash / DBBL mobile bank ‘agent’ account of bdbo

9. Incorporating new active faculty members of different institutions who already showed interest

10. BioCamp – venue, budget, participant selection, facilitator selection, objective & curriculum

11. BioTalks

Following Decisions were taken:

1. Program Evaluation

Problem regarding the question paper was discussed and clarified. It has been decided that:

– Questions will be prepared yearlong and will be saved to question bank.

– Question Moderation committee, consisting experienced people will set the questions at least a week prior of Olympiad.

– Seat plan and other necessary things should be prepared accordingly.

– Presentation have to be polished.


– Total list of income and expenditure was presented in the meeting.

– 55,000/- will be obtained from advertisements.

– There will be some personal donation as well.

2. Proposing New committee:

– In the presence of 7 members of bdbo Stirring Committee 20014-15 a outline of committee is proposed. Detail of committee is given in the rough constitution. 

After final selection this committee will:

– Finalize a constitution for bdbo.

3&4. Sponsorship and sending Adviser to IBO

– Pro VC Sir himself will take the role of the observer.

– To finance the observer following organizations will be approached:

1. ACI

2. Renetta Phamaceuticals Ltd.

3. Agricare.

4. World Fish.

Aniruddha will deal with these companies.


6. Jamuna Bank Ltd: Monirul Islam Sir will deal with them.

7. Prime Bank Ltd: Pro VC sir will deal with them.

8. BEXIM Co.

– Key Person/MD/CEO’s contact no. have to be managed of all these organizations.

– We’ll ask to finance two observers instead of only one.

– To Deal with this issue a subcommittee is proposed:

আহ্বায়কঃ Pro VC sir

GS: Anniruddha Pramanik

M: Monirul ISlam Sir

     Professor Rakha Hori Sarkar

     Bidhan Ranjan Roy Sir.
– A Title sponsor will be found gradually while dealing with companies.

5,6,7,8. Office space, Govt. Registration, Organizational Bank A/C and BiKah A/C:

– A Room has been already managed at Kalabagan, near Monirul Islam Sir’s residence.

– bdbo will share this office space with Lab Bangla Ltd.

– House Rent will be paid from central committee member’s monthly fee.

– Govt. Registration, Bank A/C, Bikash A/C will be persued after taking this office space.

9. Absorbing willing Faculties/Fascilitators

 Such persons who are willing to contribute voluntarily to bdbo but are not students will be called “Facilitators”.

– They will be given a primary membership, a membership form have to filled up and a annual fee of 1,500/- have to be paid.

*Fee may be considered in special cases.

10. Biocamp

– 15+15=30 Winners from Junior and secondary group will be invited in the camp.

– Camp will be non-residensial.

– Camp will be held for three days.

– There will be three parts: Lab work: Using labs from DU or Agri Uni, 1/2 days.

                                  Field trip: at JU, 1 day.


-Camp Subcommittee:

Rabbani Vi

Rafiqul Islam




11. BioTalk

Bangladesh Bank School is our next venue for BioTalk

Speaker: Mahbub Vi.

Topic: Cell.