Syllabus & Question Pattern

Competitor categories:

Competitors are divided into four categories:

Category Primary: Class III to Class V (This category is not activated now)

Category Junior: Class VI to class VIII

Category Secondary: Class IX and X / SSC / O-level

Category Higher Secondary: Class XI and XII / HSC / A-level

Based on the category and the subjects stated above the problem sets will follow the syllabus of respective classes on July of the previous year than upcoming IBO.


I. Cell biology and biochemistry including microbiology & biotechnology (কোষবিদ্যা এবং প্রাণরসায়ন – অনুপ্রাণবিজ্ঞান ও জীবপ্রযুক্তি সহ) — 20% marks

II. Plant anatomy and physiology with emphasis on seed plants (উদ্ভিদ অঙ্গসংস্থানবিদ্যা এবং শারীরতত্ত্ব – বীজধারী উদ্ভিদকে গুরুত্ব দিয়ে) — 15% marks

III. Animal anatomy and physiology with emphasis on vertebrates and especially man (প্রাণী অঙ্গসংস্থানবিদ্যা এবং শারীরতত্ত্ব – মেরুদণ্ডী প্রাণীদের বিশেষত মানুষকে গুরুত্ব দিয়ে) — 25% marks

IV. Ethology (প্রাণি-আচরণবিদ্যা) — 5% marks

V. Genetics and Evolution (বংশগতিবিদ্যা এবং জৈব অভিব্যক্তি) — 20% marks

VI. Ecology (বাস্তুসংস্থান) — 10% marks

VII. Biosystematics, including bioinformatics (জীব-শ্রেণিকরণবিদ্যা, বায়োইনফরমেটিক্স সহ) — 5% marks

NB: This syllabus is for National and International Biology Olympiads only. At Regional Biology Olympiads, above pattern may NOT be followed strictly since all categories do not have all the topics in their class textbooks. For detailed and comprehensive syllabus, click here.

Format of questions:

Test items for National Olympiad questions will be of multiple response (True/False) type. Every test item will have two main parts: stem and alternatives. Stem may contain figure, graph, experimental data, description etc. It will act as stimulant. Then there will be four statements derived from the stem as alternatives. Each statement may be either true or false. Examinees will have to write/tick/fill-circle as T or F, for True or False, respectively.
The answers of a single item can have the following combinations: TTTT, TTTF, TTFF, TFFF, FFFF, FFFT, FFTT, FTTT, FTFT, TFTF, FTTF, TFFT, TFTT, FTFF, TTFT or FFTF. The answer of an item can be any one of those 16 combinations. Whatever it is, you have to fill all four circles under a single item separately.
No marks will be deduced for incorrect response. Answering all four of the options of a particular test item correctly will be awarded 5 (five) points. Three correct responses of a test item will earn 3 (three) points. If you can get two of the responses correct within a single test item, you will be given 1 (one) point. No point will be awarded for making just 1 (one) correct response among four alternatives of a test item since this can mostly be done by wildly guessing true or false at random. There will be at least 30 (thirty) such test items in an exam. All of those are to be answered within an hour or a suitable duration designated by Bangladesh Biology Olympiad.

Sample question for National Olympiad: click here.

Question format and more: click here.

Similar question format will be followed in Regional Olympiads (RBOs) but the difficulty level will be easier than that of National Olympiad because here the subject matters from NCTB (National Curriculum and Textbook Board) textbooks of relevant category will be followed while preparing the question papers. However, nothing will appear verbatim from the textbook.

NB: Bangladesh Biology Olympiad has the authority to change or modify any terms and conditions regarding syllabus and question pattern without prior notice as long as it does not contradict IBO guidelines.

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IBO sample questions

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How to Prepare Better Multiple Choice Test Items: pdf and pptx

Listen to the talk given by Saumitra Chakravarty, General Secretary of bdbo, on 3 June 2016 at the Workshop of MCQ paper setting:




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