the Cental Dogma

পৃষ্ঠাটি বাংলায় দেখুন

Main Goal:

Developing scientific mindedness and interest towards biology within the students of school and collages of Bangladesh, so that they can grow up as an open minded person and play significant roles in their own fields at national and international level.


i)  Make the students of class 3-12 interested to biology.

ii) Make students realize that scientific mindedness is ultimately related to the sense of life; it is not at all confined to text book.

iii) Give appropriate guideline to the biology teachers of respective classes; so that they can play their role to materialize above goals.

iv) Translating the writings on basic topics of Biology of various authors from home and abroad into easily understandable Bangla and manage to deliver these among the students within minimal price.

v) Arranging biology workshop all over the country and ensuring spontaneous participation of students of teachers of corresponding classes in them.

vi) Demonstrating students various practical aspects of biology within cheapest possible price and using local technology as well as committing research for that purpose.

vii) Sending observer to International Biology Olympiad (IBO) within 2015.

viii) Ensuring the participation of Bangladesh in IBO within 2016.

ix) Arranging Biology Olympiad in national and divisional level within 2017, arranging special training program (BioCamp) for the primarily selected participant from the competition and sending the finally selected ones to International Biology Olympiad.

x) Preparing students with the goal to win Noble Prize in “Physiology and Medicine” and/or in “Chemistry” (regarding biochemistry) within 2050.


Lack of scientific mindedness is one of the main reasons of our backwardness. Moreover wretched condition of science education in our country and growing aversion from science is pushing us even backward. On the continuation of the long term steps necessary to overcome these conditions; Bangladesh Biology Olympiad committee is getting started.

NB: Here the term ‘student’ denotes those who are learners of class-III to class-XII and the term ‘teacher’ denotes those who teach science/biology in those classes.